What inspired you to start cooking?

I have cooked for as long as I have been old enough to. I love eating! My dad is also a great cook, so always had a good foundation for it I guess.  

Why do you choose to cook in the style you do?

Fire cooking suits my lifestyle, I love to socialise and be outdoors, so it just makes sense. Smoke and fire also bring flavours that cannot be replicated in the kitchen, and I just love that. It has ambiance and style like nothing else.

What’s your top tip for any cooking enthusiasts?

Practice every day, there’s no excuses really because you have to eat every day! Play around with ingredients always and have confidence to try new things and learn from the mistakes. 

Do you have any role models/people that inspire you?

I love what Niklas Eksted does, his food is incredible and has inspired a lot of my own cooking. I have also been a big fan of chefs like Rick Stein and Keith Floyd since I was small. I remember watching Rick’s ‘Taste of the sea’ I can’t have been older than 8 or 9 at that time but was totally inspired by that show and his food.

If you had to choose a favourite dish, what would it be?

That’s impossible, sorry! There’s too many, but I really love Indian food. 

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I love nothing more than feeding people and them enjoying the experience, but I also love the variety of experiences I have and people that I get to meet.

In your opinion, why is cooking on a BBQ, better than other cooking methods?

There’s nothing that can’t be done with a BBQ, I don’t think you could say that about any other method. Plus, you get to be outside. 

Do you have any amusing cooking disasters?

Once when I used to be a cooking teacher in a secondary school, we made litres and litres of elderflower cordial with the kids, just before the Easter holidays. It was a particularly warm Easter that year, and so when I returned after the holidays, all the bottles had exploded, and then dried all over the cooking room. Sticky is an understatement; the room was closed for a week to be cleaned!

Quick Fire! 

Beef or Lamb? Beef
Pork or Chicken? Pork
urgers or Sausages? Burgers
Beach BBQ or Garden BBQ? Beach 

Come down and meet Adam at Forage on Saturday 7th May. Let hope we don’t have any cooking Disasters like the exploding elderflower!