What inspired you to make coffee?
I was brought up in a cafe and was obsessed with coffee. I visited my first Roastery when I was about 13 and from there became obsessed.

Where does Coaltown Coffee come from?
Our coffee is sourced directly from coffee growing counties all around the world. That typically sit around the equator. They get shipped directly to our Roastery in Ammanford, south west Wales.

Where and how is your coffee roasted?
Our Roastery is built in Ammanford. We use industrial coffee roasters built by Probat a German brand. We use both 12kg, 75kg Roasters that allow us to roast up to 4 tons of coffee per day!

What do you love most about what you do?
Working with wonderful passionate people from all walks of life. It never gets boring helping someone open their first cafe.

What’s your biggest achievement to date?
Becoming the UKs first B-certified specialty coffee roastery!

What makes Coaltown coffee taste so good?
It’s  a combine effort from producer, Roaster and barista to manage all variables across the supply chain. All play a key role in delivering quality, but it important to source distinctive coffees. That really do set you apart 🙂

Can you tell us some fun facts about coffee?
Coffee is a fruit! It also contains caffeine which is used as a natural  pesticide to avoid the fruit being eaten by insects.

Do you have a favourite Coaltown Coffee blend?
Difficult! I would say my go too would be a Natural Ethiopian form the Guji Region

What do you use to make your coffee in the morning?
I brew a Kalita pourover at home, its like a morning ritual on a Sunday.

How many coffees do you drink a day?
It differs day to day, usually around 4-6

Have you ever had an amusing coffee disaster?
Too many… most recently on an Instagram LIVE demo demonstrating making a fake cappuccino at home. Bit messy…..

What’s next for Coaltown Coffee?
We are about to realise something very exciting in the next couple of weeks, watch this space!

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
We have some incredible plans for the brand, its been a lot of hard work, but the next stage is super exciting!

Quick Fire! 

Flat White or Cappuccino? BOTH!

Iced Coffee or Coffee Ice-cream? Im sorry, but it has to be Ice cream…

Coffee Cake or Tiramisu? Tirimastu!

Espresso Martini or Irish Coffee? Martini

Morning coffee drinker or all day long?! All day!