What inspired you to make gin and when did Gower Gin start?
We went on a gin blending course in London in 2016 which got us thinking of how we could create our own gin based on the flavours of Gower; this coupled with seeing the gin market beginning to take off gave us the energy to begin the journey.

Where is your gin made?
In probably the smallest distillery in Wales, a converted bike shed in out garden in Port Eynon on Gower.  All our gin is distilled in sight of the sea.

What does the process involve and how long does it take?
To make gin you need the base alcohol (ethanol) which is first mixed with water; this is then infused with the botanicals for almost 2 days to extract the essential oils and all the flavours. It then takes around a day to distil the gin; so around 3 days per batch in all.

What inspires the flavours of your gins?
Our gins are inspired by the wild botanicals found on Gower and some of the great flavours of Wales.

What’s your most popular gin?
We make 8 gins at the moment with some being more seasonal, like Sloe Gin; the most interesting thing is that they all sell well and we think that is because everyone has different tastes. At a push the two most popular are the Original and GWYR Rhosili (with the image of Dylan Thomas  on the front).

What’s your favourite Gower Gin?
We love them all! They are all our babies but we do drink different ones at different times of year.

What is your favourite gin mixer?
Probably Fever Tree tonics – we have recommended ones for the different gins but there are some great new products on the market like the very fashionable Artisan Tonics range.

What is your favourite gin cocktail?
Again different ones for different gins…
Original / Rhamanta – Classic Martini or French 75
Pinwydd – Classic Negroni
Rhosili and Dragon Strength – Gimlet
Bara Brith – Martinez

Can you tell us some fun facts about gin?
At one point in the 18th century 25% of houses in the SE of England either sold or produced gin!

Small stills for making Craft Gin were only approved by HMRC as recently as 2009 when SipSmith challenged the Government!

What’s your most memorable gin tasting experience?
The very first time we tasted our own gin – GWYR Original – was so emotional. All the events we held in our Gin Garden in the Summer of 2020 during the pandemic – when the rules in Wales were relaxed.

What do you love most about what you do? 
I have a 20m walk to work in one of the most beautiful places in Wales and get to live our dream making a product in real demand for our wonderful customers!

What’s your biggest achievement to date?
Winning awards and medals for all our gin range including 2 gold medals in the World Gin Awards for Rhosili and our Sloe Gin! It shows we must be doing something right!

What makes Gower Gin taste so good? 
Careful design and testing, long slow flavour extraction and amazing wild foraged Gower botanicals.

Have you ever had an amusing gin disaster?
I once used a new supplier of a gin botanical and it didn’t work! I had to throw the whole batch away – moral is don’t use things you have not tested.

What’s next for Gower Gin?
New flavours, new members of our growing team, more virtual events and meeting lots of great new people.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
A bigger company but with same sense of fun and focus on quality as we have today.

Quick Fire! 
On the rocks or add a mixer? Depends on the gin (as above)

Fruity or herbaceous? Neither! I love a citrus kick!

Classic G&T or Gin Cocktail? Classic G&T as the sun sets on Gower

Evening gin drinker or all day long?! When you feel like it!