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At Forage Farm Shop you will find fresh, seasonal produce, as well as a range of carefully selected, dry goods and drinks from our local, artisan suppliers. Pop in for a coffee, enjoy browsing what we have on offer, and don’t hesitate to ask our staff if you have any queries.  
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Eat Well
Eat Welsh

Food is a key part of our lives, and the enjoyment of it need not only stem from delicious tastes. We believe that knowing that it comes from sustainable sources, where welfare standards are high, can enhance the experience. Our products are fully traceable, seasonal and originate locally where possible.  



Our Butchery counter supplies high quality meat. As well as providing a wide selection of fresh meat, our butcher works closely with our head chef to create flavoursome deli goods. 


Artisan Products

Wales is a country that has, throughout old and recent times, punched above its weight, not least in a cultural sense.  South Wales and Glamorgan are no different, and we are very proud of our local community and all the exceptional talent it boasts. The area is considered unusual for its mix of agriculture and industry, which sit side by side and often complement each other.   

Wherever possible, we seek to promote and support local producers, whether stocking their goods in our shop or using them in our kitchen. If you are interested in exploring opportunities to become one of our suppliers, please do get in touch by emailing 


Seasonal Produce

Here at Forage we believe in seasonal eating, with the fresh food found on our shelves determined, to a large extent, by what is growing at the time of year. In our technologically advanced, globalised and consumer-based world, we are able to purchase most foodstuffs at any given time, regardless of natural cycles, and it is easy to forget the benefits of seasonal eating. Studies have shown that ‘in season’ foods are often more nutritionally rich. Furthermore, in our humble opinion, they usually taste better. Not to mention the positive effect on the environment -produced locally, seasonal food doesn’t have the negative carbon footprint associated with long distance travel. Please do come and browse our seasonal offerings and you won’t be disappointed; you will also help to support our local Welsh businesses! 

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MON - SAT: 8.30 - 17.30

SUN: 9.30 - 16.30

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ADDRESS: Penllyn Estate, Llwynhelig, Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan CF71 7FF


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