Lamb Jam: Saturday 25th June 


Raising money for Neuroendocrine Cancer and Kidney Wales





Our Charity Music Event

Lamb Jam will be coming to our Forage lawn at the end of June to raise awareness and money for both Neuroendocrine Cancer UK and Kidney Wales. Through live local bands, food and drink, fun and games on the lawn and a fantastic charity raffle we invite you to join us in aid of these wonderful charities. 

Find out more about how your involvement in this event could help make a difference to those affected by neuroendocrine cancer below.


What is Neuroendocrine Cancer?

The NHS defines neuroendocrine cancer as “a rare tumour that can develop in many different organs of the body. It affects the cells that release hormones into the bloodstream.”

On average 6,000 people are diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer every year. Just like other types of cancer, it does not discriminate and can effect any age or gender.

Symptoms of neuroendocrine cancer vary depending on which organ the cancer effects with most neuroendocrine cancers occurring ‘sporadically’, this means that there is no known genetic link to how or why they have developed.

Visit the NHS website by [clicking here] to understand more about this disease.

Neuroendocrine Cancer UK

The charity’s mission is ‘to support and inform patients and families from diagnosis, enabling access to the best care and treatment, whilst stimulating neuroendocrine cancer research, increasing national awareness and influencing improvements in outcomes.’

Raising money for Neuroendocrine Cancer UK helps them to continue to support individuals and their families. They have a range of ways people can access help including support groups, helplines and counselling. Money donated also aids in the development of research programmes. 

For help and support please visit their website or call their helpline, which is open 24hrs a day, on 08004 346 476.


Help us to raise awareness and as much money as possible for this incredible charity!


Lamb Jam promises to be an unforgettable night of great food, music and entertainment.

Buy your tickets by clicking the link below.